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Lost but not Forgotten

Okay it has been way too long since I was on.  Too much has happened and I doubt everyone would want to read my life story up to this point.  What I do want to mention is a couple of things.  My wife and I have moved from our home in Colorado back to our […]

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Kitchen Update

DIY has more than one benefit. 1) The obvious – It’s most likely cheaper than hiring the contract (if you do it correctly) 2) You care about your work so you pay attention to the details 3) You do not have to put up with contractors! I swear this project would have gone more smoothly […]

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Back to School and Planning for the Future

So yesterday was my first day of class.  It was good to be back in the classroom and for some reason I think I will actually enjoy learning this time around since it is something that I WANT to do and not something that I am forced/must do. The class I am taking is Anatomy […]

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