Kitchen Remodel painfully worth it

This is what got the bowl rolling...

If you don’t know my wife (Kristi) and I had been saving up money for a kitchen remodel.  We projected about $20,000 for the cost of labor and materials.  We hadn’t quite hit that 20k mark, but we were bored and went to check out granite counter tops to get some better pricing.  This was the beginning of the end!  Our budget for granite was around the 4-5k mark.  We went to several different places where there were just slabs and no prices…yeah not buying that.  Went to a store selling pre-made 2M granite counter tops for about 4,000 installed.  We ended up going to another store since it was basically next door and found a slab we absolutely loved.  We go up to see how much it is, but to our dismay it is sold.

The guy at the store then told us that their fabricator had bought a similar piece so we drove to where he was and found a similar slab that we liked as well and it was even cheaper since it was already with the fabricator!  Wow, couldn’t believe it.  We ended up settling for $2,800 including installation and the edges.

Well now that we have a piece of granite we HAVE to go look for cabinets right?  This was a palm to the forehead moment…what have we gotten ourselves into?

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